Our benefits

The high-pressure rukawa, manufactured on the basis of the Hydro-Service KZ company, meet all Kazakh and international quality standards.
In our activities, we always focus primarily on the interests of consumers, because only satisfied with the quality of products and the level of service customers will come back to us again and again to buy hoses. Thanks to this principle, we can ensure that we do not have dissatisfied customers.
Thanks to our own production base, we can offer customers the most favorable conditions and affordable prices for all products and repairs of hoses. At the same time, our regular and large wholesale buyers receive generous discounts and individual approach. For all products, we provide a warranty, the duration of which depends on the type of product. We are constantly working on expanding the range of products supplied, and are always ready to consider the possibility of supplying industrial hoses that are not part of our permanent range.

Our prices

In the face of an unstable economic situation and continuing currency fluctuations, many consumers have noticed that domestic producers are able to conduct much more stable pricing policies than importers.
Although we also have to use a lot of imported components in our work, a significant part of our consumables is Kazakh production. This, as well as lower running costs (staff salaries, the cost of electricity, water, etc.) allow us to significantly reduce the cost of finished products in comparison with imported counterparts. That is why our hoses always have a lower price than importers. The products produced by HYDRO-SERVICE KZ meet all quality standards. Only high-quality sleeves from the world's leading manufacturers are used in the production of hoses: SEL, Semperit.
The company is the official distributor of the company "SEL" in the republic of Kazakhstan.

Industrial hoses

We offer both hydraulic and industrial hoses. For woodworking, metallurgy and mining. Sleeves are rubber, corrugated, nippled, pressure head, pressure head soaking-up, hydrohose. MBS, chemistry, antifreeze, gas cutting, oxygen, hot water and steam, for gas stations. Repair and manufacturing of high pressure hoses in Kazakhstan.

Where we are

Hydro-Service KZ headquarters are located in Karaganda. We can be found at: Bukhar-Jurau Avenue 1, Building B. At the same time, our company is not limited to working with the Karaganda market of hydraulic equipment. We supply high-pressure sleeves and hoses to all regions of Kazakhstan, as well as work with foreign customers from the CIS and the former SOVIET Union. Our products are delivered by forwarding and courier services. At the same time, individual delivery conditions are possible for each customer, which is stipulated in advance.